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Cisco’s Live The Beautiful Game

Have you ever wanted to be the hero that kicks the winning goal.  Check out Cisco’s “Live the Beautiful Game” and put yourself into the action.  Simply upload a photo of yourself and you will see yourself in action on the field.  Once created you can share the video with your friends through email, FaceBook and Twitter.  Check it out here

Go and win the World Cup!!!!

Here is a link to my video


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Run Windows Based Applications on a Mac

If you have ever wanted to run a Windows based application on a Mac but don’t want to go to the trouble of running Bootcamp or a virtual version of Windows. Check out WineBottler. It allows Windows based applications to run on a Intel based Mac OS X computer. It is similar to Wine, software that allows Linux users to run Windows apps. Please note that this software is still in BETA and not all applications work.


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