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Subnetting Basics

For some, sub-netting can be as hard to learn as a new language.  Even the reason for sub-netting  can be lost in all the tech jargon.   Taking the process of sub-netting one step at a time is the best way to learn.   TechRepublic has a great article on the basics of subnetting.  Cisco IP subnetting 101: Five things you should know In addition, the article has some great links at the end that are great resources for those that may be working on their CompTIA Network+ or Cisco CCNA certifications.


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Back to the Basics

Cisco Small Business has put together a great short video on “Understanding CAT Cables”.

Check it out

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Cisco’s Live The Beautiful Game

Have you ever wanted to be the hero that kicks the winning goal.  Check out Cisco’s “Live the Beautiful Game” and put yourself into the action.  Simply upload a photo of yourself and you will see yourself in action on the field.  Once created you can share the video with your friends through email, FaceBook and Twitter.  Check it out here

Go and win the World Cup!!!!

Here is a link to my video

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That’s a lot of Bytes!!!!

In four years Cisco expects Internet traffic to quadruple to 63.9 exabytes per month. 

Read more: Cisco Systems: Internet traffic will more than quadruple by 2014

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Going for your CCNA???

Test your skills using Cisco’s Self-Assessments

Cisco Learning Network

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