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A Great Way to Honor our Veterans



Today being Veteran’s day I have being trying to come up with a way to honor our men and women who serve our country.  I stumbled upon this great site Salute to Service.  On this site you can volunteer your time and make a donation to many participating non-profit organizations like Wounded Warrior Project, American Women Veterans, and the USO just to name a few.  Check it out here:

Salute to Service


May God Bless the Men and Women of our Armed Forces.


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iPhone 4….Released!

If you were lucky enough to get your preorder through Apple’s or AT&T’s website you should hopefully be enjoying your new iPhone 4 by now.  If you decided to wait and see, I can tell you the lines are long and supply does not look like it will meet the demand.  I have decided to collect some resources here for folks who have already received there iPhones and for those who are still considering getting one.

iPhone 4 Info

What Buyer’s Need to Know

Unboxing the Apple iPhone 4

Hands On with the Apple iPhone 4

Apple Store’s

iPhone 4 Launch: First customers entering 5th Ave Store

iPhone 4 launch: Line photos from Charlotte, NC

The line in Knoxville, TN is freaking huge


iPhone 4 Screen Blotching Resolves Itself as Bonding Agent Dries?

iPhone 4 In-Hand Signal Issue Isolated to Bottom Left Corner

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10 Best Konami Code Web Sites

↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A the cheat code that beats them all. I am not sure when the Konami code was introduced but the first game that I know of that used the code was Contra for NES. Using the code in Contra increased the number of lives available. Today that cheat code still hangs around hidden in some web sites. You can access these hidden areas by using your arrow keys to follow this pattern ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A <Enter>    Here is a list of those that I think are the top 10. For the full list you can go here List_of_Konami_code_websites

10. A flash hamster rolls around.

9. The code reveals a llama video.

8. Opens a hidden Contra page.

7. Use the code to play pong against the site.

6. Konami Code reveals a Jack Black video.

5. The code unlocks a game like Pacman. (slow to load)

4. Displays Mario, Luigi and Yoshi dancing to disco music

3. Goonies fans will enjoy the “Truffle Shuffle.”

2. You get Rick Rolled

1. Unicorns and rainbows appear and are killed.

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Which smartphone do you want in your pocket?

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Put Your Face in Space

NASA is offering the chance at a piece history.  Allowing you to upload an image of yourself which will be flown into space by one of the two remaining shuttle missions.  You can even choose which shuttle flight, the Discovery or Endeavour.  Once the mission is complete you will be able to download and print a certificate.  Face in Space

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BREAKING NEWS: It’s Woot-Off Time!!!!!

If you would like to become an expert at collecting Woot especially during a Woot-Off.  Check out this article on

The Complete Guide to Capturing Woot! Off Loot

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